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Re: [endurance] Difference in Arabians

mmieske wrote:
> I never had to think about what we were doing or where we were going.  We just "knew".  I am hoping to
> develop the same thing with Malik.  It's coming along...we understand each
> other and love each other and this spring I can "feel" that mutual feeling
> growing.  What a rush!!   :) 


It's good to know I'm not alone in this.  This "give it all" is not
uncommon, although it is somewhat suppressed in humans.  It seems to
appear at times...most noticably in war or times of stress.  It's the
same trust and dedication that motivates a Marine to throw himself on a
hand grenade in a foxhole, (not uncommon in WWII) sacrificing himself
because of the "bond" that he has developed with his comrades.

 And who says you're too old?  You're only as
> old as you feel and if you're riding endurance, come on, you gotta feel
> young then!!  :)

Yes, riding keeps me young.  I got a lot of compliments at Leatherwood
about my "time on the groud".  And yes, I can run a lot of 30 year olds
into the ground.  It helps Sunny, keeps me physically fit, and builds my
ego!  I'm approximately 30 years older than my riding buddy
Flinn...she's a workout/lifter freak...and she can't keep up with me!
<Grin>  It's not's just the time I did it again, I
would be "over the hill"...I'm not sure I'm up to it. :)  However, I
want to go out like Lawton a 100 one day and die in my
sleep the next!

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

> Maggie

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