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Re: RC: Re: [endurance] Difference in Arabians

Absolutely...It's the "blood" and the "heart" in the horse.  Sunny would
never pass ANY test of conformation for Endurance......but his attitude,
heart, conditioning, competitiveness, and disposition make it possible
for him to "outperform" horses with better physical characteristics. He
will NEVER quit...and always gives me not only his best, but would give
it "ALL" if I the point where it's scary! It's one of my
concerns with him.  Don't worry about the "Egyptian", "Polish", or any
of that....just go with full blooded Arabian and you will not go wrong. 

One other thing. Some say that with the right horse you can "win"....the
"bond" doesn't matter. I disagree.  To me, the "bond" is everything.
IMHO, a horse who is strongly bonded to his rider, has an advantage over
just a "rider"....but you have to be careful not to ask too much.  I
have already proved that to my satisfaction. Come ride with me on my
trails....bring ANY horse you any speed you want to go....and
Sunny and I be right there!

If I were younger, had lots of money, and lots of time, I would like to
find a colt who has the physical characteristics that Sunny doesn't have
and the dispostion he DOES have, train him like I have Sunny, develop a
STRONG bond, and just kick butt all over the place! But alas, I am poor,
retired, too old, and having so much fun riding Sunny, it's just not
worth it.  I wouldn't trade him for Secretariat. <grin> If you ride just
because you like to ride, or compete just to win, without regard to your
relationship with the horse...sadly, you have missed one of the finer
things of Endurance...and life.

Jim and Sun of Dimanche wrote:
  The thing to remember is that
> for endurance - look at the HORSE more so than the bloodlines.  Good
> conformation, good attitude and good health is what you want.  
> Rae
> Tall C Arabians - TX
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