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Re: RC: Re: OF saddles

In a message dated 4/5/01 12:51:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

> Besides, havn't you always wanted a green saddle?

I have so many damn saddles I've lost count.  I buy most of them from y'all 
since I discovered a lot of endurance women aren't happy with their saddle.  
Just can't find that perfect fit, that perfect make or brand.  Something 
about it isn't right and sooooooooooo they sell it to me.

I gotta tell you, there is no perfect make, there is no perfect brand, 
although OF does come damn close, especially with that pad they give you with 
the saddle.  I find the whole Ortho package to be a bit on the heavy side, 
but those of you who weigh in at 110 lbs. don't have to worry much about the 
weight of your saddle.  And some of you don't have to concern yourself with 
the fact that the saddle can cost you two grand.

So, keep selling me your saddles, at that special rate, and I'll keep using 
and collecting them.  I got English, Australian, French, and American.  I'm 
glad the ladies are so picky.  It's kept my tack shop well stocked.


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