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Re: RC: Re: OF saddles

> it.)  European saddle thinking seems to be more "out of the >>box">
(innovative, unrestricted by tradition) in both materials and> design
than American saddle thinking.

Looks like the grass is always greener on the other side.  I've had
several European riders write me to ask about my Ortho-Flex, since they
were considering importing one. >g<  No saddle is perfect, and I don't
know if the guys at OF are angels but they've been fair with me and I've
had excellent service.   I don't know any company that has more diverse
styles, they've never hesitated to try something really original and some
of the most highly regarded saddles out there right now look to me as if
they took an idea OF came up with and elaborated on it.  I hope they all
keep pushing each other to improve, unlike the mass producers we have her
in Chattanooga.  I asked someone from one of the top saddleries why they
didn't move the stirrups back some since everyone I know who's had one of
their endurance models wished they would.  Their response was that they
sell all they can make now, so why bother to change?  By they way, they
said they ship them to Europe, Germany I believe.

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