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Here's a good one.  I got a call from the ride manager at Biltmore.  I 
figured my luck had turned upward for once, the wife would be happy (she was 
standing next to me when I answered the phone) and I'd get to see that 
mansion where part of the movie Hannibal was filmed.

So, the manager goes, "We do have an opening for you, if you're interested."  
If I'm interested!  Are you kidding me?  This will get me out of the doghouse 
pronto.  Where do I sign?  Need my Visa number?

She says, "Well, the catch (there's always a friggen catch) is the opening is 
only for the hundred mile ride."  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.  My wife had to 
pick me up off of the floor I was laughing so hard.  I don't think Ann (the 
manager) is on ridecamp or she's one of the many who elect not to read 
anything written by moi.

The funny thing is I almost took it.  I almost bit on the hook, just to get 
me out of the doghouse.  But then I thought of my wonderful Saddlebred.  And 
I remembered our near Death experience at a ride not near so hilly as the 
Biltmore.  And I declined, but begged, begged mind you, that she call me if I 
hit the mark for the 50.  I told her she could call me last minute, since the 
wife hasn't canceled her vacation days, and we'll be there, even if I have to 
smuggle my horse back across the Florida border cause I didn't have time to 
get the stupid Health Certificate.

So, anyway, I'm doing, or attempting to do this thing legit, so be kind if 
you decide to send me some hate mail.  (I just love to start the morning with 
a cup of coffee, a bagel with Philly cream cheese, and 30 or so hate mails.  
Makes my day and prepares me for the afternoon.)

The funny thing is, I think the hundred there is an FEI ride.  Could you 
imagine?  Yea, I think it's funny too.

Howard  (still can't find the Biltmore number for the hotel rooms.  Anyone 
have that?)

    Check it Out!    

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