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Anyone have a reservation for the ride in May, but can't make it?  I really 
wanted to go this year.  Course I had no idea you had to have your money in 
by February.  Duh.

Wife has off that weekend and, now, she's really pissed that I messed up the 
whole thing.  Like I don't experience enough women who are upset with me at 
the rides, now I got one at home too.  

I bet one of you will tell me that this kind of swapping thing is illegal and 
against some sort of rule. Well, with an angry wife, the rules go out the 
window.  Anyway, if anyone is interested in this please email me (privately). 
 This way you'll get your full refund and, maybe some extra (isn't that a 
"conflict of interest?")  


    Check it Out!    

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