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Swanton Pacific 75-100

Entries are available for Swanton Pacific 100 and our new offering, SP 75.  
The 75 mile ride is achieved by taking two significant shortcuts.  The rest
of the trail, and generally the most beautiful, will be the same.  Both rides
will use the same vet checks, except for the last one at 94 miles for the 100
miler.  The 75s will miss this one.
This is a spectacularly scenic trail, very challenging but safe, with highly
varied terrain and vegetation.  Most of it is on forest roads, with a small
amount of single track.  It is a trail for well-conditioned, experienced
horses.  The weather is generally mild, there is minimal dust, if any, and
lots of shade.  There is plenty of water on the trail, either natural or
provided; snacks are offered, rescue trailers are available, and the ride can
be done "crewless."  COME JOIN US IN OUR NINETEENTH YEAR.  This is one of THE
rides to do!

Barbara McCrary, ride mgr.
330 Swanton Road
Davenport, CA  95017 (on the coast, 60 miles S of San Francisco)
Phone: 831-423-4572
Fax: 831-423-8869

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