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Re: Re: "instant pads"

> We just used "Equi Pak" on a horse this very day for the very first time.
> In this case, it was used to protect the sole and with use of a heart bar,
This stuff is COOL...way COOL!  I can't wait to try it on one of our horses
> at a ride...also it seems to me to be a quick and easy way to provide
> protection should your horse lose a shoe on a ride (won't replace it but
> might help prevent bruising)....I don't know, I think there are all kinds
> of possibilities for its use.  Pads are cheaper, yes, but the labor
> involved in fitting and cutting them is the major cost.  Equi Pak is
> expensive but quicker, less labor involved, and maybe more shock absorbing

   I have been using it quite a bit, probably more than any endurance rider
in the world. (Since I have 4 horses going at an average ride and we did
4030 miles last year. )   What Maggie says above is mostly true.  She may
have it fall out in a few days and then not be so rosy, but you get better
at applying it with time.  I have found that it has to be thick to last, so
at most 3 feet per tube with feet that take a #1 easyboot.  Lately I have
been using it with only 2.5 feet per tube and having good results.  Fire Mt
Smoke just had it in his feet for the entire 20 Mule Team 100 with no
problems, it provides excellent rock protection and I think also some
concussion absorbtion.  It is still in his feet but I will probably pull it
out in a few days. That is easily done.  What I like about it is that I can
just have regular shoes with none of the problems pads create, then use it
just for a rocky ride.  It doesn't make the foot any bigger like an easyboot
so less interference problems and also less weight than an easyboot.  But an
easyboot does provide heel protection and probably more concussion
   The foot has to be dry to apply it and have it stick. If the foot is wet
it will not stay in.  I don't think it would last very long without the
protection of a steel or aluminum shoe. It would help but I have never tried
it like that.    Karen posted the web site of Lucy's from Tevis, you can see
pictures of it there and what it looked like after 50 miles.  At 20 MT I
applied it to 6 feet. It took me 1 hour to prep and apply 6 feet to give you
some idea.  I'm sure that could be shortened some but I would say 5 minutes
per foot would be the fastest possible.   I have used it at a couple rides
at lunch. It needs at least 10 minutes to 20 minutes to set before you try
taking off again in my opinion.  I have let it set only 2 minutes and have
it come off before the next vet check. When I was able to let it set 15
minutes or so it lasted through the rest of the ride, 75 miles.
    Good luck with it, PS I think it would be perfect for these middleast
rides where they say the sand gets under the pads but they need the pads for
flotation.  Maybe I can win the next $100,000.00 race with it!!! ;^}

Jim Mitchell

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