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Re: RC: extruded and steam rolled

In a message dated 2/22/00 6:30:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Okay, I'll express my ignorance:  what does extruded mean and how does one
 know if the grain has been steam rolled?  I feed a senior feed to a senior
 horse (duh), as well as C.O.B. to the other horses, occasionally. >>

Extruded feed is cooked and mixed into a mush and then sort of "pushed" 
through a sort of screen-like affair to make it the appropriate shape and 
aerate to a degree.  If you've never fed an extruded horse feed, then think 
of chunks of dog food--it is generally made by extrusion, too.

As for steam rolling--it will generally say on the label.  Steam rolling is 
the most common commercial rolling process used.  If in doubt, ask your feed 


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