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RE:enforced time off things to do

Hey I can relate to that.
So you are afraid to be out and loose some ground.
kay here is what you do. strap that saddle on a rocking chair arm and 
practice riding at canter. Turn on discovery channel it can get better if 
you sit very close to the TV with surround sound to get a full effect. look 
out a window and you can envision your ride.
Clean any ceiling fans you might have while they are turned on. that way you 
can practice dodging tree limbs..YES I KNOW YOU HAVE A PASO SO OOO WHAT. you 
may end up with a 16 hand one day.Genetics....
watch videos of all horsey movies..
watch videos of all horse events you have taped.
get online to all horse magazines out there other than ridecamp.
Plan all the rides ahead of time that you intend to ride at.
Plan rides for next year.
Cross stitch that new saddle banket.
make your buddy one of them knitted fly ear things.
heck make him and you matching blankets.
go rent a tennis ball machine and take aim at him to work him a little. well 
don't take aim but let him see them coming. Get the dog to fetch them.
teach the dog to fetch.
teach the dog to heel.
teach the dog calculus
make horse treats from recipes you can find.
shell your own corn.
make horse corn ornaments that he can eat.
spin your own cotton or wool to make him some neato leg wraps. and matching 
scarf for you.
call some friends that you haven't heard from in a while. Make sure you have 
paid them money that you owed first.
Write a nasty letter to your congressman, senator, President, CIA, FBI,
Write a thank you note to your last ride manager.
Write a 4 page essay on the following topics: EPM in feeds, Scratches, Heart 
Monitors, Saddle types, the Difference in CTR and Endurance, Using LDs for 
training for the 100s. and Last but not least  Engine size for pulling 
Carla (gee that may last for a week then get back to me!)
Ansata (Mom them new babie calves are toooo cuteeee!)
Haley (Ansater you better quit bugen them babies or momma gonna get upset!!)
Rob (Honey Ansata is following the baby calves around again!)

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