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enforced time off

Here I sit on day 4 of my doctor enforced four week layoff.  Out in the 
pasture is one little Paso slowly getting fat and out of condition for the 
same reason.  Sigh.....  How am I going to last a whole month not 
riding....I'm already bored!

For those who don't know, I had knee surgery last friday to repair a torn 
meniscus.  My doctor (who shows quarter horses) has physically threatened to 
steal my horse if I don't stay off of him for at least a month!  Therefore 
I'm bored in the house, and Alpine thinks he's having a really nice holiday 
in the work, full turn out, etc.  His only complaint is that 
I've cut his grain back and I can't get out to give him as many carrots as 
normal.  Poor boy!

In the meantime, if anyone knows any non physical things to keep me occupied 
for a whole month (other than cleaning the tack...already did that!), I'd 
appreciate any ideas.  For now, I guess I'll go stare at a book......

Juli Bechard 
and Alpine the soon to be fat pony!

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