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Re: Enforced time off

Juli.....Sorry to hear about the knee surgery and I hope you make a full
recovery.  In the meantime, you have a computer and the Internet.  In the words
of the immortal Beach Boys, "let's go surfing now".....~S~  Been there (laid up
that is) and my laptop made all the difference to me.

Make some new Ride Camp the Archives for articles you wanted
to read one day (that day is here), cruise through the various and sundry horse
web sites, develop a physical therapy plan for your own comeback.  I'm sure
there are other good suggestions from Ride Campers to help you kill the time.

Remember that tendons and ligaments always take the longest time to heal, in our
horses and ourselves.  Give yourself the time so that you don't become
permanently grounded.

No fat ponies allowed either....~S~

Gretchen Patterson
Little Red, Spanish Mustang
Marshall, Tx

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