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Re: sensors for heart rate monitor

Roger Rittenhouse recommends the aloe vera gel.
Readily available, inexpensive.

John and Meshack (Vermont Equestrian Activities)
Secretary/Treasurer Vermont Arabian Horse Association

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Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 4:22 PM
Subject: RC: sensors for heart rate monitor

>Does anyone know of a place to buy some kind of a solution or gel to help
>sensors on my heart rate monitor get a reading?  I've been using water to
>the horse down to get a reading when we first start out.  With winter here,
>don't want to get my horse all sweaty and when the water dries out, the
>rate no registers.  Am I making any sense?  Anyway, I figure there's got to
>be a gel out there similar to what my doctor's office uses, but don't know
>where to get it.
>Rhonda and Special
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