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tying up in real life

I want you all to know that any time I see "tying up" as a topic, I 
read it.  Why?  Because I have a mare that just about died from a 
tie up and I never want to go through that again.  She did it well into 
her career, never had any problems before, none after.  You guys 
can site all the studies you want, but isn't there are enough tie ups 
at competitions to warrant taking a look at that data (real life for 
those of you who snicker at tread mill studies)?  Has anyone been 
able to draw any conclusions from tie ups at endurance rides, 
because if there is ONE bit of useful information, I sure would like 
to hear it.  As for veterinary examinations or CRI's determining if a 
horse can continue or not, this mare passed her exam with flying 
colors, went out on the trail and ZAP.  Conversely, I have another 
horse who's CRI's would get kinda weird about 30-40 miles into a 
ride, but never, never had any problems and would return to 
"normal" if allowed to continue, even won best vet score once.  
Kerry will easily admit that the CRI is only a tool and that other 
evaluations, including common sense, should be used to determine 
if a horse is fit to continue.  And even then, it could be wrong.
So, can we get back to the topic of tying up and does ANYONE 
have any positive solutions other than Tom?
John and Sue Greenall

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