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Re: dehydration

> We are currently experimenting with some ideas like
> this in the UAE. There 
> are now "portable" blood analyzers available that
> can deliver results 
> quickly. The parameters we are looing at include
> indicators of dehydration, 
> muscle enzymes, cortisol, blood glucose, and some
> other odds and ends. 
> >  1. Metabolic difficulties.
>          a. dehydration>  blood test is most
> accurate
How is a blood test most accurate for dehydration? 
Wouldn't the horse have to have a "pre-ride" CBC to
compare the diagnostic test to?  

I just looked in on Ridecamp to find this line of
thought and I receive messages in order of latest

If my gelding has skin tenting for 3+ seconds, I am
going to know he is dehydrated.  I don't think I will
ask for a blood test (too invasive).

It seems to me that replicated research on liters of
fluids per hour of exercise, even at specific levels
of effort might be more useful.  We tell human
athletes to drink a cup of water every 15 minutes to
prevent dehydration.

All of it will take time and perhaps lots of
volunteers.  Would be great to compare a control group
to a test group.  So much to factor in.....


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