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 I am hoping someone can tell me where to find the stirup 
acessory that attaches to a western/ easyride stirup that makes
it a breakaway. Only the english saddles have this safey feature and having had the experience of being draged, I don't want it again. I am currently borrowing a excelent Desoto saddle and
am only now recovering from a serous leg injury, that if it 
happens again, will have to have my knee rebuilt. I have a torn acl/ and medial colateral that is fine for now but 6 months off
can really mess up your balance, and give you a white knuckle
grip. On the positive side of this, my maternity(nursing) sports bra
worked wonders to keep my knee in place so I could hike off the
mountain at dusk and find help. My horse ran home.This is just
a survivor tip. If any one knows where to get this item I would
be grateful. I have seen the other stirup options but this is the
one I want.It looks like an extra juncture that when angled
breaks away.Thankyou in advance for any information, Wendy

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