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Re: dehydration

In a message dated 2/20/00 6:37:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< > We are currently experimenting with some ideas like
 > this in the UAE. There 
 > are now "portable" blood analyzers available that
 > can deliver results 
 > quickly. The parameters we are looing at include
 > indicators of dehydration, 
 > muscle enzymes, cortisol, blood glucose, and some
 > other odds and ends. 
 > >  1. Metabolic difficulties.
 >          a. dehydration>  blood test is most
 > accurate
 How is a blood test most accurate for dehydration? 
 Wouldn't the horse have to have a "pre-ride" CBC to
 compare the diagnostic test to?>

Not necessarily. Total Protein is a good indicator when combined with an 
abnormally high PCV. Also, the science says that a 3% loss of total body 
weight during endurance exercise is an indicator of the approach of severe 
dehydration and a harbinger of gut water uptake reduction.  
> I just looked in on Ridecamp to find this line of
 thought and I receive messages in order of latest
 If my gelding has skin tenting for 3+ seconds, I am
 going to know he is dehydrated.  I don't think I will
 ask for a blood test (too invasive).>

Different strokes for different folks.
> It seems to me that replicated research on liters of
 fluids per hour of exercise, even at specific levels
 of effort might be more useful.  We tell human
 athletes to drink a cup of water every 15 minutes to
 prevent dehydration.>

Horses aren't as obedient as humans in that regard.
 >All of it will take time and perhaps lots of
 volunteers.  Would be great to compare a control group
 to a test group.  So much to factor in.....

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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