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Re: a feeding question

I just checked with our nutritionist I work with and he says that beet pulp
is 0.56 to 0.08 Ca/Ph ratio which translates into 7:1

I asked him how you would balance the ratio and he said grain mixed with it
would do the trick.  check your grain bag label, as most grains are the
opposite ratio of the beet pulp.

overall ratio for horses is about 1.4-2 :1

That's all i know.  Maybe some others will give their input.

Thanks so much for an endurance question.  My delete finger is getting
really tired.  :-)

Sarah McIntosh & Saffy
Abbotsford, BC

Chelle wrote:
> <snip>
> My question regards calcium/phosphorus ratio. I know that there needs to
> be more calcium than phosphorus. I feed my horse a lot of beet pulp
> (shredded type, about 2 quarts, twice a day). He gets it heavily soaked
> (read: soup), with about 2 quarts of grain (12% protein sweet feed)
> mixed in at each feeding.

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