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Fw: Re: almost the end of twinkie chat

I know that this thread may not be "endurance-related", but I sure thought
it was funny!!  
> In a message dated 2/16/00 2:14:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> writes:
> << HOOT, HOOT yourselves!!  I may express my sense of humor frequently
>  come on!  What did this thread have to do AT ALL with endurance (except
>  pinpoint those with really BAD cases of SADD....)?  I would rather read
>  and Heidi having at it any day! Sorry but the humor was lost on me long
>  before it ever got to Howard!  This is the kind of stuff that keeps some
>  really good endurance riders off this list...having to read through that
>  kind of stuff.  I don't mention to certain riders I know anymore that I
>  on here because they have lurked and read a lot of stuff they felt
>  worth their time.  If I can get busted for "me, too"s, then this surely
>  warrants busting and a fine!!  (I AM keeping my sense of humor while
>  to make a valid point so no flames please...I am entitled to my point of
>  view AND liberal use of the delete key!).
>  Maggie Mieske >>
> I note that the word twinkie is still in the subject line of your
> you deleting your own stuff? And if you're deleting it, how do you know
> going on? Something fishy here.
> ti
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