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Re: almost the end of twinkie chat

I'm sorry I missed out on the fun today (I think!)!  By the way, I happened
to be  outside all day (blue, wonderful sky, at least 35-40 degrees),
having my two geldings shod -- yeaheaheaheah!!   With their combination of
snow-pads and ice studs, they look much more tall and handsome (even with
their bear-like coats!)!  Can't wait to go riding tomorrow -- if the
weather holds. . .  

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> Subject: RC:   almost the end of twinkie chat
> Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 2:36 PM
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> writes:
> << thanks for the thought though.  (If I ever don't get one of Howards
> again, I will pretend that I do!!!) >>
> Sandy!  I would love to be in the room when Whitney reads all those posts
> realizes that people thought she didn't "get it".  Too funny.  Thanks
> for clearing up the issue about kids reading this stuff and being scarred
> life.  Frankly, I think most kids if they did read this would a) Not get
> at all and think we were putting salt on our twinkies (stupid grown ups)
> b) Totally get it and think we were all like waaaay too immature to
> with in the first place.  You guys HAD to know that a few RCers just
would be 
> physically incapable of letting this subject go by without kicking it
> a bit.  I think its a hoot that Maggie and Carla of all people should
> this objectionable!
> Sylvia 
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