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older campaigners

Don't think the older ones can't do it!  My son rides his mare, Farah Lena+,
age 17, 2500+ miles and going great, I rode my stallion, Fa Al Badi+/, last
year to his best season ever, also age 17 and 3500 miles.  My daughter
started my old gelding at age NINETEEN..rode him 1000 miles and 2 years and
decided to start a new horse (he didn't trailer well, but LOVED going down
the trail) when he turned 20...
And this season...I am riding *Paltronaa, an 18 year old imported Russian
broodmare...she came up open last fall, I slapped shoes on her, broke her to
ride, and we are doing (SLOW) 50s until I put her in with Fa Al Badi+/ this
So go ride those older horses, but do take good care of them!!
Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians

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