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older campaigners

My old guy, an 18 year old Morgan, is still full of himself and going strong.  The only differences between now and when we started together in '89 is that he doesn't throw me as often, and we don't get lost anymore(he knows every trail in Ohio). His legs are a little rough, but they were in '89, too!  His front tendons don't hold up as well on the longer distances, so we stick with 25's and 30's.  He's getting really good at babysitting rookie riders as he takes very good care of himself on trail and in camp.  If you can stay on him, he'll get you a completion at least.  His last ride was only 15 miles, but it was cold, muddy, and rained all day.
He got 4th out of 20+.  He gets J-flex concentrate during the ride season and does a ride every three or four weeks.  I just have to take a little better care of his legs, now. He's a long way from retiring.
Maggie Fleming
Under a Shooting Star Farm
Bubba-AKA Sank's Echo Hawk (2500 miles)

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