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Re: question about Chromium

In a message dated 2/13/00 5:24:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Thanx, that clears up adding it into the CC.
 Now, what about a 5 day, 250 mile ride. Has anyone given you any feedback on
 multi-day ride use of your product? Could or should it be given to sustain
 enery day after day? Would it be better on day 4 & 5 to give a lift. Do you
 have a manual or list of suggestions for use? my horse and me will be doing
 100's this year also. Is there a downside to using this product, like muscle
 exhaustion  doesn't show up till later because it was delayed? I'm not
 assuming this is the case, this is a question. Is CC like Goo for humans? >>

Something like Goo. yes good feedback on multi-days. Use it during rides, 
before riders and after each day's ride--effective. 

No manual--you guys are writing the manual.


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