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Re: RC: Interval ??

Laura Nielsen wrote:

> Tried one set of interval training yesterday, with the following
> results:
> First leg:  HR peaked @ 185; dropped to below 120 in 15 sec.
> Second leg:  HR peaked @ 197; couldn't time the drop; horse was goofing
> to much!
> Third leg:  HR peaked @ 203; dropped to 115 in 30 sec.
> The problem is that the hills (actually bumps) that I have access to are
> very short and very gradual; footing is light, loose sand (not deep).
> Hills are maybe 200-300'. To achieve the 203 HR, we galloped all three.
> My dilemma is that, obviously, the hills are not long and steep enough
> to raise the HR sufficiently for effective interval training. Also, to
> achieve the 203, we were at a flat-out gallop. My understanding of IT is
> the use of hills vs all-out speed to achieve the elevated HR.
> Any suggestions on how to raise the HR high enough to be effective,
> without running this boy's legs off??
> If I calculated accurately from Wolfgang's posts about his hills, the
> first one is about 650'; approx 1/10 mile.
> Suggestions anyone???
> Thanks,
> Laura & Tez
> N. Fla.

Hi Laura,

first, yes, my preferred hill is approx 1/10 mile, rather a bit
more (1/10
mile is ~160 m, "my" hill is ~ 200m). But I do also have anoter
hill used
for intervalls which is 100 - 120 m. Both hills are gradually
steeper towards the top, making it really hard for Ninja to stay
in a real
gallop. But, as Tom said, just add one more leg (i.e. every two
weeks with
two intervall-days a week). You'll see the benefit real soon.
And you can
shorten or lenghten the time between the heats, depending on
what you want
to improve.
Don't try to go all-out on the flat. Your boy will run his legs
off without
touching the 200. Hills are way more safe for this. The all-out
on the hill
will be lot slower than on the flat - with better improvement on
the horse.
And you can benefit from all the uphill and downhill work -
working on all
what is involved - muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. Remember,
never try
anything in competition what you have not tried in training.

Go on, have fun and success,

Wolfgang + Ninja 11 (Dad, when are we doing that IT? I am bored
of doing

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