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Interval ??

Tried one set of interval training yesterday, with the following

First leg:  HR peaked @ 185; dropped to below 120 in 15 sec.

Second leg:  HR peaked @ 197; couldn't time the drop; horse was goofing
to much!

Third leg:  HR peaked @ 203; dropped to 115 in 30 sec.

The problem is that the hills (actually bumps) that I have access to are
very short and very gradual; footing is light, loose sand (not deep).

Hills are maybe 200-300'. To achieve the 203 HR, we galloped all three.

My dilemma is that, obviously, the hills are not long and steep enough
to raise the HR sufficiently for effective interval training. Also, to
achieve the 203, we were at a flat-out gallop. My understanding of IT is
the use of hills vs all-out speed to achieve the elevated HR.

Any suggestions on how to raise the HR high enough to be effective,
without running this boy's legs off??

If I calculated accurately from Wolfgang's posts about his hills, the
first one is about 650'; approx 1/10 mile.

Suggestions anyone???


Laura & Tez
N. Fla.

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