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Re: splints

Hi Betsy

I would second whats been said so far.  Some splints, depending on their
location, can interfere with tendons/ligaments but this doesn't sound like
its the case with your mare.
My gelding Darrar has a splint he threw at 4yrs old.  It gave problems at
the beginning of his 5yr and 6yr old seasons and each time a mild working
blister and a short period of rest put him back on the road.
Now, 2000kms later the only problem I have is when occasionally he knocks
the splint himself in the pasture.  Often, in the week before a big race, I
will put boots on his front legs when I turn him out because don't they just
love to find ways of staying at home when they've been prepped for the big
My Russian mare has enormous splints on both front legs, probably from
racing too young, but was, in her endurance days, a 200kms specialist, and
retired sound.  She also failed the pre-purchase vetting due to bone spavin
in her hock.  It got us 1000 off the purchase price and never gave her a
moment's problems.  So its amazing what you can get away with!
Good luck with your mare!
Heather Hamper
Aquitaine Arabians
SW France

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Subject: RC: splints

> I have a question for all of you out there....(I'm sure this topic has
> brought up before, but me being a "newbie" have not seen any info).
> I'm just curious how splints can/will affect the endurance horse.  I have
> 3 y.o. 3/4 Arab filly that developed a splint when she was a yearling (got
> scared by a bear....ran quite a ways, including through a few
> big vet bill).  She has never had a problem with it since- no
> swelling/heat/lameness.
> I want to start ground work with her in the next few months (I'm not going
> to start riding her until she is four, just in case anyone was wondering).
> So, anyone out there had/have a successful endurance horse with a splint?
> Is there any extra precautions I should take other then hosing down that
> before and after I excercise her?  Other then that, she is a very nice
> mover, and has good conformation, and great mind.
> Thanks in advance!!
> *Betsy*
> Angie (when do we get to start playing, mom)
> Majah (it's time to start getting in condition for the endurance
> season ALREADY?)
> Babe  (I don't know if I can last another 7 weeks, the baby is
> starting to kick already....)
> Livin' in beautiful Colorado (no other place we'd rather be...)
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