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Ohio trail closure

Riders!  It is important to find out WHY the Forestry Departmnet is 
recommending closure of the trails in that forest for three months - all 
winter months it should be noted.  Perhaps in order to save the trails for 
sping summer and fall riding, the trail needs relief during the winter.  I 
don't know what Ohio is like in the winter, but Indiana, Michigan, Illinois 
were pretty cold, icy, and unpleasant when I was growing up.  Perhaps 
keeping users out will preserve the ground rather than cause undo stress by 
packing it down harder.

I don't think we can afford to approach every recommended closure with 
resistance.  That's no way to gain allies and or access.  Ohio riders, 
express your concern, but be realistic - learn the reasons why, and maybe 
how we as riders can help the Forestry Department - maybe monitor the 
closure with periodic ride - a few people volunteering - to count who is in 
there who shouldn't.   Become "deputies" in order to sustain access.

Janet B (in Washington State, where it is too darn WET and dangerous to do 
much winter riding)
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