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Re: RC: Ohio trail closure

In the future we will be looking at more trail closures in the winter
throughout Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tenn,  All of these states have
freeze thaw cycles that leaves portions of the trail a mess if horses are out
there churning up the trail.  There are ways to prevent or to reduce any
to the trail.  The easy way out for the forest service is to close the trail. 
The hard way to deal with the issue is to survey the trail, determine what
areas are at risk, then establish a management plan whereby improvements
can be
made so winter use may continue.  Our trail advocate in the state of Ohio is
Molly Krumlaw and this will be her responsibility to work with all of the
groups involved with the issue and to keep us informed.  If letters of support
are needed, Molly will make the call.  Until then, give Molly a chance to work
within the system to see if we can bring some common sense to the table.  
Jerry Fruth, Chairman of the AERC trails committee

>Riders!  It is important to find out WHY the Forestry Departmnet is 
>recommending closure of the trails in that forest for three months - all 
>winter months it should be noted.  Perhaps in order to save the trails for 
>sping summer and fall riding, the trail needs relief during the winter.  I 
>don't know what Ohio is like in the winter, but Indiana, Michigan, Illinois 
>were pretty cold, icy, and unpleasant when I was growing up.  Perhaps 
>keeping users out will preserve the ground rather than cause undo stress by 
>packing it down harder.
>I don't think we can afford to approach every recommended closure with 
>resistance.  That's no way to gain allies and or access.  Ohio riders, 
>express your concern, but be realistic - learn the reasons why, and maybe 
>how we as riders can help the Forestry Department - maybe monitor the 
>closure with periodic ride - a few people volunteering - to count who is in 
>there who shouldn't.   Become "deputies" in order to sustain access.
>Janet B (in Washington State, where it is too darn WET and dangerous to do 
>much winter riding)
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