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Re: RC: Ohio trail closure

> Riders!  It is important to find out WHY the Forestry Departmnet is
> recommending closure of the trails in that forest for three months - all
> winter months it should be noted.  Perhaps in order to save the trails for
> sping summer and fall riding, the trail needs relief during the winter.  I
> don't know what Ohio is like in the winter, but Indiana, Michigan, Illinois
> were pretty cold, icy, and unpleasant when I was growing up.  Perhaps
> keeping users out will preserve the ground rather than cause undo stress by
> packing it down harder.

This is in SE Ohio, where most counties don't even own a snowplow.  This
is also a very heavily used trail system.  Wonderful footing, sandy
soil. Preserving the ground?  Well, yes, but their idea of preservation
is having it look like nobody ever rode it.

> I don't think we can afford to approach every recommended closure with
> resistance.  That's no way to gain allies and or access.  Ohio riders,
> express your concern, but be realistic - learn the reasons why, and maybe
> how we as riders can help the Forestry Department - maybe monitor the
> closure with periodic ride - a few people volunteering - to count who is in
> there who shouldn't.   Become "deputies" in order to sustain access.
The biggest problem is lack of funding and manpower.  Trails could be
made where they do not show stress from many riders.  BUT, it takes
knowledge (which they don't bother to send reps to seminars such as
Clemson), manpower (which is being cut back by our lovely government
every day) and money (which is available, but has to be applied for
(extensive research required which few lay people have time or know how
to do well).

> Janet B (in Washington State, where it is too darn WET and dangerous to do
> much winter riding)

It is just easier to keep us out.

Teddy Lancaster (gone to Biltmore Ride on Sept. 27, then Liberty Run,
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