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Re: over-riders and pulls

The dilemma is simple. You make absolutely no sense. Are you this confused
as a ride manager? After 14 years you still have no control at your rides.
Maybe you should give the reins to someone else.
Your previous agenda on listing pulls was the fact that it may devalue your
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From: Louise Burton <>
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Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 8:42 PM
Subject: RC: over-riders and pulls

> Here is the delimma.  We want the vets to pull horses that "we" as
> spectators want to see stopped.  At the same time we want "the rider has
> ultimate responsibility for the horse".
> I have been a RM for 14 years..this delimma seemed especially bad this
> The answer?  If the horse is "fit to continue" under our AERC guidelines,
> then the vet can reccommend the rider slow down...quit, etc...but in the
> it is THE RIDER'S we can only hope and educate...
> I know of a horse who was literally dragged on foot across the finish
> was so tired.  .sure makes me furious...but as a RM I can do
> nothing, but try to educate or hope they quit endurance.
> BTW, I see more people lately pulling BEFORE a vet check (not checking in)
> ..hmmm..could it be they want to be LISTED as RO????
> Ya'll, listing riders names  is still a VERY bad idea.  Yeah, you tell me
> is to "better prepare for that ride next year"...sorry..let's be
> is to AVOID that ride next year.
> Oh, and reason #2, to "educate those riders"..GIVE ME A BREAK.  Say what
> really BADMOUTH those riders.
> And the stats?  What a joke.  A dead lame horse pulls and doesn't go to
> vet so he can get a RO.  A high pulse just doesn't check in with the
> vet..the rider comes up and says "I'm tired" to get a RO.  IT IS
> List numbers, not names, if you want some reasonable stats.
> Fire away... I'm sure disappointed at the director nominees who cannot see
> through this agenda.
> Louise Burton
> Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians
> Oklahoma
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