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RE: RE: over-riders

Salim, what is this supposed to mean?  If the ride application "gets
lost in the mail" what is going to prevent the rider from entering
at the ride anyway?  And since Deanna isn't the ride manager....

I personally think this issue should be left to the vets or ride manager's
Of course, that would mean that the vet should be informed of any percieved
abuse.  I have seen a vet verbally ream out a rider for over-riding,
and it was well-deserved I'm sure.  I have asked about abuse and over-
riding when I wasn't sure if I was correct and have been told otherwise
by knowledgeable, experienced people.

The reason why I say this is that some people perceive over-riding
as different things.  I actually had someone acuse me of being brutal
with the bit because she thought my mare's mouth was bloody.  I had
fed a carrot to her at lunch and her white snip was a little orangeish.
And I did think a LOT less of that person who falsely accused me.

My general impression in my two years of endurance riding is that the
endurance community genuinely cares about their mounts.  The ones that
over-ride and abuse their horses stick out like a sore thumb and their
name somehow gets bantered around with a lot of negative press.

Every equestrian sport has it's "abusers" and I bet the percentage of
endurance riders is less than other equestrian sports.  Our horses are
not ridden in high stakes races or cutting futurities as 2-year-olds and
we have very proactive vetting during competitions.  We fret and worry
over every little saddle issue, worry about them not eating, drinking and
We don't just hand off our horses to the groom for his care, we do it
ourselves for
the most part.

I think that our sport has a lot to be proud of in terms of how we care for
our horses.

With the exception of grooming, of course.  Beau has quite a Mohawk right
and it's impossible to keep a happy grey horse clean.  And Beau's definition
abuse is getting a bath!


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From: Salim Nice []
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 3:02 PM
Subject: RC: RE: over-riders

It is simply amazing how often some peoples ride entries gets lost in

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Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 2:15 PM
Subject: RC: over-riders

Deanna German
In some recent posts to AERC BOD candidates, there have been some
pointed questions about people who over ride their horses.

I would like to ask the group as somewhat of a newbie:  if you see or
know of someone who over rides their horse, whether at a single ride or
as a result of the cumulative effect of the season, what can be done
or said to these people to encourage them to change their ways?

I've always said that if you meet someone who takes care of their
exactly as you yourself would, you should marry them or adopt them. So
I accept that people have different standards of horse care. But there
some examples of poor horse care that have shown up at some of
the rides I have attended.  I understand enough about human nature to
know that gentle persuasion is more effective than a ball bat. Heck,
I certainly don't know everything there is to know about horsecare
(when I think I do, something happens to make me eat humble pie),
so who am I to say anything? But I think it looks bad for the sport.

Any thoughts?

Deanna (Ohio)

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