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I took a licken and kept a ticken

It seems that my rotten luck hasn't ran out yet. I had a pretty bad accident 
Saturday Jan 15th. I am Thanking God I am still alive. I took a leisurely 
ride (YEAH RIGHT!!) I wanted to get the quirks out of Ansata before some 
friends arrived to see her. My friends sister loves arabs and wanted to see 
mine. I remember being down the fenceline about 300 yards from the road and 
giging into a canter. The canter gets a little fast and I reach for rein to 
pull Ansata back and lo and behold I grab nothing but air.(I honestly 
thought I had those darn split reins together.) So I decide to reach to pick 
up reins flying beneath my horse. In doing so you all know what happens when 
you lean into your horse.(Warp Factor six Mr. Zulu!) I actually had the 
reins and it slipped again. Ansata gave a little hop, I am not sure why but 
it was enough to unseat me. You ever have one of those thoughts that in the 
same thought you ARE thinking it and the unevitful happens? I was ridng the 
neck of my horse for about three strides thinking okay which way to I go? 
Backwards and roll okay. Then you wake up. You see blury objects. You yell 
at blury objects that you think may be human. You sit up you fall back down, 
You sit up you fall back again. Okay your are injured. So just layback and 
scream your lungs out. Help arrives okay your okay now. (they picked me up 
75 ft from the paved road across the street where I ride in an open field.)
Let me tell you how much fun it is to ride in the back of an ambulance on 
one of those wooden boards with your head strapped down. I would much rather 
have been given an enema! Ambulances have a tendency to weave. Did I mention 
I get motion sickness? Have you ever had to get an Iv started with a weaving 
ambulance? Yep my veins roll!!! They ask you all kind of questions. 
Medications and drivers licence number. Hey I remember my DL number and meds 
and the fact I wear contacts. Maybe if I answer all the questions correctly 
they will let me off this thing that has my head strapped down.
We get to the ER and they lay me in the gurney and I kinda lay there. After 
a while that wooden board is burning a hole in my head. I ask for relief. 
"No Mrs Lawson until we have cat scans and xrays you are staying put."  Did 
I tell you I wasn't wearing a helmet? nope? well let me tell you I wasn't 
wearing a helmet. I deserved to lay there all  beat up on that Damn board 
for not wearing a helmet. 2 hours later I get to come off the board. I must 
say they were reluctant too. I think  they thought it was amusing that I 
managed to undo my lower buckle to release my legs. My lower back said 
thanks!!  That board was not only burning a hole in my brain, but also it 
was putting huge pins in my lower back. Those things are designed to do that 
so you won't do what ever it was that you did again. Cat scans clear badly 
jammed shoulder but NO BREAKS!!!  A small portion of the lung colapsed but 
the wall is okay. Well of come the riding breeches. only a small hole but a 
nice size divot out of my knee. Stitch that right up. okay a small 2 inch 
flap on my forehead... Stitch that up too. several abrasions in my head... 
clean them out. 6inch by 3 inch bruise on my forearm. Ice that down. Okay oh 
looky here guys her ear is all funny looking. I was inluck the plastic 
surgeon was the surgeon on call. Great can he do a liposuction on my hips 
and a boob job to boot? So they go send me to surgery to put my ear back on. 
No free boob job or hipsuction CRUD! I remember smelling the fun-gas they 
used to put me to sleep it smelled like grapes. 4 wiffs and I was in total 
darkness. I remember waking up and thinking I want to throw up ice chips to 
the rescue. I was discharged at 10:35p.m that same evening.
Now let me tell you about what I am going through now. I can't lift my head 
with out assistance. I hobble when I walk, I shake like a small dog in a 
vets office cause I hurt. Someone has to help me take a shower. If I get up 
to go to the bathroom at nite It takes 10 minutes to roll myslef out of bed. 
I am sooooo tired!!! I can't pet my horse for to long because my arms hurt. 
When I walk I look like Bob Dole because my arm doesn't wanna funtion to 
For two darn reasons I am the way I am!
1) no helment
2) my split reins were not tied
And I still can't convince my friends to wear a helmet. Thank You God I am 
Carla Lawson (now I gotta go lay back down!)
Ansata (see told you I was fast!)
Haley (I miss you momma!!)
Rob had to go to TSC to look at Helmets
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