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Re: RC: Re: RE: question about running martingales

Just a picky little point here - curb bits/chains, hackamores, snaffles etc. don't encourage the horse to raise or lower its head, it's the angle of the head that is being affected.  The actions of various devices require that the horse to move it's head towards or away from the vertical (requiring flexion at the poll to achieve this) in response to pressure.  Each device works differently, each affecting a different part of the anatomy.  The pressure can be mild or severe (merely pressure or actually pain), depending on the device, the sensitivity of the horse to any pressure & the amount of pressure the rider applies.  There are a lot of variables to this and a lot of subtlety - there are whole books out there on the subject.  Even though horses are commonly ridden with bits or other devices of control, not too much is ever formally taught about the subject.

If a horse actually moves its head *beyond* the desired angle (the discussion started with a horse that throws its head up), there's a problem, and it's generally pilot error.  Horses usually don't invent bad behavior for no reason at all.  Either the wrong device is being used, or the device is being used wrong, there's a pain issue or the horse just isn't educated enough about the device.  Lif

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