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Re: RE: question about running martingales

It is the other way around. Curbs encourage lower head set. gags and
elevators raise the head. Snaffles with single joints elevate horses heads
and french and mullen tend to lower the horse's head. Of course the french
and mullen will do the same on curbs and elevators to with varying degrees
of lift and flex along with good hands.
At 09:15 AM 4/6/00 -0700, j.mills wrote:
>>>Running martingales should not be used with "curb" type bits, any bit with
>curb chain or strap<<
>also, curb type bits - or bits with shanks - tend to make horses raise their
>heads.  a snaffle type bit with rings, d's or preferrably full cheeks might
>be a better bet.  also gives you better lateral control than shank bits, but
>on some horses you do loose some stopping control.  jm

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