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RE: question about running martingales

Running martingales should not be used with "curb" type bits, any bit with a
curb chain or strap. The kimberwick bits are curb bits wether they have a
jointed mouth piece or not. This is a device for non-shanked snaffles only.
You will see them used by jumper riders on a pelham bit but only on the
snaffle rein. 

Bonnie Snodgrass
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When using a running martingale make sure that you can pull the rings up
and touch the horse's throat when the horse is standing with his head in a
normal position. The running will put pressure on his mouth. A standing is
adjusted the same way, but it usually has about an inch more slack. The
standing will put pressure on his nose and is a better chioce for head
tossing. Remember a martingale does not hold a horse's head down it only
prevents a horse from getting his head up to the point the neck begins to
bend back to the rider and you can no longer contol the horse. It also
keeps him from hurrting himself or you. If you are riding on flat or
rolling terrain a standing will be safe, but if you are riding in mountain
type terrain use a running for safety reasons. Remember the martingale only
keeps the head at a safe level it is the rider who must ask the horse to
lower his head.
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