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Re: RC: question about running martingales


I tried a running martingale last yr, after using a loose standing martingale 
for yrs (somehow I seemed to think I needed some more control on my stallion 
& let a friend who used one on her horse, talk me into trying the running 
martingale).  I had a broken kimberwicke, basically a snaffle with a curb 
chain.  I found that the running martingale really snagged Tempo in the mouth 
--- I suspect that the downward pull of the running martingale caused the 
joint of the snaffle to go up into the roof of his mouth more than it did 
before.  As I'm pretty light with my hands, the sudden snag of the running 
martingale just about put him back on his haunches a few times.  He was just 
not being himself on a 30 mile CTR that I did, never really settled down, & I 
suspected he was worried about his mouth.  Went back to the standing 
martingale & he was good as gold riding alone on the OD 50 & ever since 
(keeping my fingers crossed after making that statement!!!).
You see folks using them --- didn't work for my horse's temperament & the 
type of bit I used.  When Tempo starts head tossing I give him 1 or 2 verbal 
reprimands & if he doesn't stop it I give him a firm tug on one side of the 
mouth (along with a loud NO!).  That usually does the trick (plus he's still 
in the loose standing martingale so if he really tosses his head way up, 
he'll snag himself across the nose).

Nancy & Tempo (who much prefers the standing martingale)

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