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Re: skeered to ride

Hi Carla

What you feel is natural. I had a very bad fall a few years back. I was
mounting my arab mare (only just bought her a few weeks before and this was
my second ride) in the driveway (concrete driveway) when something gave her
a fright and she reared up just as i was about to swing my leg over, with me
being off balance we fell! I fell on my back with my left leg folded up
agaonst my chest and she landed on top of me....I bruised my butt pretty
badly where my heal rested against it, I bruised two vertebrae in my back, I
tore all the ligaments etc in my knee and i dislocated my hip. I was in
traction in hospital for six weeks, came out and on crutches for 6 weeks,
even then my knee was stiff and I got cramps in the muscles around my hip if
I sat or stood too long, I also didn't have full swing in my leg (for
I didn't ride my mare (skeered to!) but the day after coming of crutches I
rode my moms show gelding (the most bombproof horse in the world without
being dead :-)) at a pleasure ride, I rode in a western saddle for the extra
support it offered and I knew that he would stand no matter how long I took
to get up of the mounting box. I rode him for about 6 months before I
ventured back onto my mare and even then I had someone hold her for me to
Unfortunately she was as frightened of me as I was of her (luckily no
serious injury but she grazed her back pretty badly) I guess she thought I
was going to hurt her again same way I thiught she may hurt me! I rode her
for a year schooling her at home (riding my moms gelding at rides and in
company etc) , towards the end of the year I was brave enough to ride in
company and then she started doing little rears when she was around strange
horses and I got scared that I may dislocate my hip again if we fell! (my
hip dislocated forward, doctors say this is the rarest form of dislocation,
if it popped out again it would mean a pin and no movement of the leg, hence
no more riding!!).
I decided to stop riding her, that was ten years ago and I still have her, I
love her to bits!! She has given me some lovelly foals, I started one of her
foals last year in endurance.
We have finally found our trust for each other again, and I have decide to
try her again, as soon as I wean her current foal, just to hack at home (she
is the most amazing ride I have ever ridden, canters from a standstill, does
flying changes every second stride and trots like a locomotive!!!)

So just be patient! Take it slow (ok not ten years :-))

Regards Celeste

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Subject: RC: skeered to ride

> Okay all ya'll I have a question. Okay maybe I am VENTING....I was
> if anyone had a serious fall and were afraid to get back on. I have been
> back on and rode for sometime but not by myself.
> I have had someone there with me nearby either riding with me or around in
> the vicinity. I also havent gone past a trot either. It is very
> disappointing. I realize that I have to eventually go out on my own but I
> finding a hard time to trust my riding skills and the horse as well.
> Any takers on this one?
> Carla (another beautiful day slipped away and me not to enjoy it.)
> Ansata (? what no riding?)
> Haley (dads got that damn club in his hand again)
> Rob *out to golf*
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