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question about running martingales

Got a question.  When applying a running martingale
for the first time, mainly for head tossing, is there
anything I am to do before I just get on and ride with
a running martingale?  This really is the horse's only
vice, tossing the head very frequently.  I rode in a
hackamore the other day and am not harsh and when
bitted I am NOT in her mouth, so this is not the
problem.  Even on a loose rein at a walk she does this
toss enough to get on my nerves.  I just want to make
sure that the first time I ride her with the
martingale that she does not do the toss to find out
she is restrained and have her be extremely upset by
this to the point of danger or something.  Any
suggestions about head tossing either with or without
a running martingale would be appreciated.  Thanks!  Terri

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