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Re: RC: vans

I have a Chevy conversion van, 3/4 ton with 5.7 L motor.  It pulls my 
two-horse straight  loaded with both horses, but I've never had both horses 
in it when I went up our short steep hill that you have to start from a 
standstill (at a parking area).  It has pulled one horse up it without even a 
little groan.  You need to have something with a high number (low gear) rear 
end, at least I think thats the combination.  Mine has a 3.51 rear end, which 
is better for highway driving, gas mileage I'm told.  I REALLYlike my van.  
It's got a fold down rear seat, and four captains chairs, plus the back opens 
up with a little box cooler and storage space which makes a great tack room.  
It also has the raised roof line, and I can stand up to change clothes!  Mine 
is a '91, originally came with a TV?VCR and table that the original owner 
kept.  Gas mileage around 15-18 when I'm not hauling.  jeri

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