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Re: RC: HRM Electrode placement

Hi Lisa,

I just attached my electrode to my girth with silicone
caulk so it wouldn't slide.  So far its working great.
But I have extra electrodes from an old, HRM so I can
use still use my HRM on other horses.  I went with the
silicone because Grey is rediculously thin skinned and
a velcro band around the girth rubs him raw.  Some tips
I think I've heard on RC in prev. years.

Use a terry wrist band on the girth - put some extra 
foam behind the band to push the electrode out more,
and my HRM directions do say that some folks find
that both electrodes under the saddle works best.

good luck,

lpopp wrote:
> Hi campers,
> Has anyone tried placing both HRM electrodes under the saddle pad and if
> so, did you have good results?  Try as I may, I cannot keep my cinch
> tight enough on my mare to get a good, consistent contact.  We are going
> to No Frills this weekend and I would like to be able to monitor her.
> Thanks in advance,
> Lisa and Rococco Saffron (Did someone say girdle??  Hey! Loosen that
> thing up!)
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