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Re: '99 Tevis adventure poem.

Oh wow Renee, that was really good.  What a nice gift for Carol.    gesa
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Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 3:44 PM
Subject: RC: '99 Tevis adventure poem.

>I wrote this just after my friend, Carol Driscoll completed her second
>on her mare Soul's Desire (1st completion/1st try for the horse)
>I went and crewed for goes....I hope you like it!
>"The Big Grand Tevis Adventure of '99"
>We got up at 3 a.m.
>which wasn't very smart
>2 hours to prepare
>before the race would start
>We got everything ready
>in the cold and in the dark,
>I could tell this wasn't gonna be
>a nice walk in the park
>Standing in the road,
>with our glow sticks and our lights
>anxious horses all around us,
>putting up big fights
>When 5 a.m came 'round
>we sent them on their way
>for Carol and Desire,
>this would be a real long day
>We don't see them again
>'til they get to vet check one.
>Desire's looking great
>and Carol's having fun
>We saw them once again
>when they got to Forest Hill
>Desire wishes she was done
>but if she has to go she will
>Desire trotted through the darkness
>without a bolt, or spook, or trip
>Carol was so pleased
>that she through away her whip
>Back at the fairgrounds,
>we wait for any news
>staring blankly at the board
>with all the other crews
>We hear nothing for a long time,
>we don't know what to think
>the thought that they've been pulled
>makes all of our hearts sink
>We walk to the trails end,
>looking for a sign
>just in time to see our team
>walk across the finish line
>The sight makes all our hunger,
>and sleep deprevation go away
>Carol can't stop grinning
>and Desire wants some hay
>We get them vetted through,
>and they take a victory lap
>We're happy but we're tired
>and all need to take a nap
>All their hard work paid off
>and I'm so glad I got to crew
>They rode the toughest ride
>they did what they set out to do
>well, what do you think??????
>(Joan Ruprecht and Pat Farmer, don't forward this one to Carol, I'm going
>give it to her)
>I hope you enjoyed it!
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