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'99 Tevis adventure poem.

I wrote this just after my friend, Carol Driscoll completed her second Tevis 
on her mare Soul's Desire (1st completion/1st try for the horse)
I went and crewed for goes....I hope you like it!

"The Big Grand Tevis Adventure of '99"

We got up at 3 a.m.
which wasn't very smart
2 hours to prepare
before the race would start

We got everything ready
in the cold and in the dark, 
I could tell this wasn't gonna be
a nice walk in the park

Standing in the road,
with our glow sticks and our lights
anxious horses all around us, 
putting up big fights

When 5 a.m came 'round
we sent them on their way
for Carol and Desire, 
this would be a real long day

We don't see them again
'til they get to vet check one.
Desire's looking great
and Carol's having fun

We saw them once again
when they got to Forest Hill
Desire wishes she was done
but if she has to go she will

Desire trotted through the darkness
without a bolt, or spook, or trip
Carol was so pleased
that she through away her whip

Back at the fairgrounds,
we wait for any news
staring blankly at the board
with all the other crews

We hear nothing for a long time,
we don't know what to think
the thought that they've been pulled 
makes all of our hearts sink

We walk to the trails end, 
looking for a sign
just in time to see our team
walk across the finish line

The sight makes all our hunger,
and sleep deprevation go away
Carol can't stop grinning
and Desire wants some hay

We get them vetted through,
and they take a victory lap
We're happy but we're tired
and all need to take a nap

All their hard work paid off
and I'm so glad I got to crew
They rode the toughest ride
they did what they set out to do

well, what do you think??????
(Joan Ruprecht and Pat Farmer, don't forward this one to Carol, I'm going to 
give it to her)
I hope you enjoyed it!  

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