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RE: Impressive Bred and HYPP

Interesting survey for HYPP perceptions in Paint horses:
--Kathleen in Tucson

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> Subject: RC: Impressive Bred and HYPP
> k s swigart
> Gesa said:
> > The fact that you will be acquiring a horse with an already
> > established problem is one point.  The fact that it is an
> > Impressive bred
> > possibly HYPP positive and could fall over dead is quite
> > another.  The mare
> > has 2 strikes against her "big time".
> Just to clarify things about HYPP.  Though the horse may be HYPP
> positive, there is a simple, inexpensive test to determine if
> this is the case.  Spend the $35, do the test.  If the horse is
> positive, don't buy it.  If the horse does not test positive, the
> fact that she is a descendent of Impressive doesn't make any
> difference.
> With regards to the hip infection.  Far better to get an opinion
> from a competent vet who can evaluate the actual condition of
> the horse and the long term prognosis as to how the condition
> may or may not progress and under what circumstances (as in, "how
> are you going to use the horse?") than to attempt to get an
> opinion from somebody who has never seen the horse.
> However, I will add this.  Good, quite, novice, trail horses
> suitable for riders with low confidence and less than avid
> dedication to learning to ride are hard to find.  And if all
> you want is a horse that can quietly go down the trail for its
> whole life, physical perfection isn't required.
> So to answer the original question of "should I buy this horse?"
> The best answers I can give are:
> It depends on how you are going to use the horse.
> and
> It depends on what a competent veterinarian who has actually
> seen the horse thinks with regards to both the current condition
> of the horse and whether/under what circumstances the condition
> might progress.
> All Impressive bred horses, no matter what their intended use
> r their history, should be tested for HYPP.  The AQHA (or AHPA if
> the horse is a paint) should be able to tell you if this has
> already been done.  For many of them it already has, and the
> result becomes a part of the horse's permanent registration.
> kat
> Orange County, Calif.
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