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Impressive Bred and HYPP

k s swigart

Gesa said:

> The fact that you will be aquiring a horse with an already
> established problem is one point.  The fact that it is an 
> Impresive bred
> possibly HYPP positive and could fall over dead is quite 
> another.  The mare
> has 2 strikes against her "big time".  

Just to clarify things about HYPP.  Though the horse may be HYPP positive, there is a simple, inexpensive test to determine if
this is the case.  Spend the $35, do the test.  If the horse is
positive, don't buy it.  If the horse does not test positive, the fact that she is a decendent of Impressive doesn't make any

With regards to the hip infection.  Far better to get an opinion
from a competent vet who can evaluate the actual condition of
the horse and the long term prognosis as to how the condition
may or may not progress and under what circumstances (as in, "how
are you going to use the horse?") than to attempt to get an
opinion from somebody who has never seen the horse.

However, I will add this.  Good, quite, novice, trail horses 
suitable for riders with low confidence and less than avid
dedication to learning to ride are hard to find.  And if all
you want is a horse that can quitely go down the trail for its
whole life, physical perfection isn't required.

So to answer the original question of "should I buy this horse?"

The best answers I can give are:

It depends on how you are going to use the horse.


It depends on what a competent veterinarian who has actually 
seen the horse thinks with regards to both the current condition
of the horse and whether/under what circumstances the condition
might progress.

All Impressive bred horses, no matter what their intended use
r their history, should be tested for HYPP.  The AQHA (or AHPA if
the horse is a paint) should be able to tell you if this has
already been done.  For many of them it already has, and the 
result becomes a part of the horse's permanent registration.

Orange County, Calif.

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