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Re: RC: Re: nutrition for young horses

In a message dated 4/3/00 10:54:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time, EquesB writes:

<< Tom,  
 Could it be,  that for the type of racing in Quatar, the preferred horse is 
going to be the lean, mean racing machine. Due to the speed,  the footing, 
the easy accessability to the VC's, i.e. the ability to give the horse food 
and water, carbo charge, & lytes often. I haven't been there, but my 
impression is that Middle East racing is track racing but a longer distance.  
American endurance racing is so much more, the varied terrain, our VC's are 
anywhere from 10-24 miles apart, varying from race to race.  One race in the 
SE can be hot & humid, another in the SW could be dry & arrid, with lots of 
climbs. >

Right. We're dealing with several different kinds of athletic challenges. My 
attention, right now, is fixed on the Middle East--because that's who's 
paying me. How much of what works there will work elsewhere is up for grabs 
at this point.
> Whatever the reasons, Tom,  I'd sure be interested in your research. 
 Jackie Baker>

Hey, I really appreciate all the thoughts I'm getting from this list--many of 
them private. I'll pay you back.


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