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Loading in a slant

At 10:21 AM 3/27/00 -0700, Michelle Rowe wrote:
>I'd like to know how to load in a slant without going in with the horse.  I
>like my slant and feel safe in it BUT I have no idea how to load up w/o
>going in.  It's a 3 horse Featherlite slant.  Sure I can send the horse in,
>but I still would have to go in and close the divider, which I would rather
>do after the horse is tied in (so I don't get ran over).

We just got our new Featherlite this week (BTW, if anyone is up here in WA,
Bill Feely at I-5 Trailer Sales in Everett is _great_), and it is a LOT
different to load than our old wide open stock trailer.

I'm not sure how you do it with one person (gulp), but the way we've
managed it so far is to open the window, have one person outside to hold
the rope.  The other person leads the horse in, hands off the lead rope to
the one outside, and then deals with closing the partition.

I'm open to hearing about better ways of dealing with this...

David LeBlanc

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