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Re: Loading in a slant

It takes a while but after the proper "get your butt in the trailer"
training your horses will walk right in and stick their head out the window
if you have drop down feed doors giving you plenty of time to close the
partition. I prefer not the tie them in the trailer before I close the
partition. I figure the chances of having a wreck for both my horses and
myself are better if their head isn't tied immediately. If they want to back
out let 'em, it's better than them falling down and risking injury. Another
thing...those short little worthless bungee 16" ties are made for straight
loads with mangers not slant loads. As far as I'm concerned the horse can't
get his head down far enough using them. Another thing.....I don't like to
use bull snaps, they don't break, I like a brass snap or a breakaway halter
that will break in case the horse falls in the trailer maybe saving him/her
from a broken neck. Another thing....I treat each loading and unloading as a
separate event, just cuz they loaded and unloaded good yesterday doesn't
mean they will do it today. Another thing.....I am consistent  with my
procedures. Works for me.
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Sent: Monday, March 27, 2000 9:44 AM
Subject: RC: Loading in a slant

> At 10:21 AM 3/27/00 -0700, Michelle Rowe wrote:
> >I'd like to know how to load in a slant without going in with the horse.
> >like my slant and feel safe in it BUT I have no idea how to load up w/o
> >going in.  It's a 3 horse Featherlite slant.  Sure I can send the horse
> >but I still would have to go in and close the divider, which I would
> >do after the horse is tied in (so I don't get ran over).
> We just got our new Featherlite this week (BTW, if anyone is up here in
> Bill Feely at I-5 Trailer Sales in Everett is _great_), and it is a LOT
> different to load than our old wide open stock trailer.
> I'm not sure how you do it with one person (gulp), but the way we've
> managed it so far is to open the window, have one person outside to hold
> the rope.  The other person leads the horse in, hands off the lead rope to
> the one outside, and then deals with closing the partition.
> I'm open to hearing about better ways of dealing with this...
> David LeBlanc
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