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Re: RC: Fwd: RC: I made a decision w. all your help - THANK YOU

In a message dated 3/27/00 8:51:32 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< I am interested in why peopel don't like teh snalt loads. I knwo that I 
 like the really short ones in an emergency - as in evacs during our fires 
 here, but otehrwise I love them >>

A friend of mine routinely hauls young horses to and from the race track.  
She has been knocked unconscious in her slant load trailer by young rowdy 
horses, had her finger trapped in the tie-rope when the horse sat down inside 
the trailer (she had to wait quite a while for her ranch worker to show up 
and cut her loose)., I know you're supposed to be able to load them without 
getting in the trailer with the horse, but in reality, everybody I know has 
to get in with the horse (even if its just to close the divider) and that is 
when you are at the greatest risk.  I think they are inherently dangerous and 
am amazed that they've caught on as well as they have.  Great marketing.  I 
was surprised at the results of the survey though -- the last time this 
subject came up on RC, the vote was definitely the other way and I was in the 


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