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Re: RC: When human ligaments tear...

Too many years ago  I injured my knee when my
horse leaned too close to an immovable
object....torn ligaments, etc..

Doctor put me in a brace to immobilize the knee
and told me this:

"In a week to ten days you will feel 'strong
enough' to go without the brace - DONT TAKE IT
OFF..your knee will not be healed enough and you
can permanently damage it by using it too soon."

Well, of course I didn't soon as I
could I removed that brace and went right back to
doing whatever I wanted. You know what - that was
the dumbest thing I could have done! A dozen years
later I still have a bad knee....more so when the
weather is ranges from a dull ache
to a full blown 'locked joint can't use it hurts
like hell!'

Just thought I'd share a 'been there'


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