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Re: RC: Rabies [it's over now]

In a message dated 03/26/2000 9:56:22 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< The skunk is dead.  My brother in 
 law wants to just bury the carcass (which is double bagged & currently in a 
 garbage pail) and my sister wants to turn it in to the totally 
 non-cooperative authorities. >>

I should think it would be important to turn the skunk in to the Health Dept. 
despite their lack of interest.  It surely sounds to me like the skunk was 
rabid, and I would think the county would be interested to know there was 
Rabies afoot in the area. I had Lud shoot a coyote who was behaving in a very 
unusual fashion; it came toward the yard and our dogs, despite the fact the 
dogs were threatening it.  We encased it in a plastic bag and I hauled it 
into the Health Dept.  Later they wanted to charge me $90 for testing it.  I 
didn't pay as I had called ahead, asking them if they were interested in 
whether or not it had Rabies, and they agreed that I would not be charged.  
It didn't have Rabies, but I wasn't going to take that chance.  Coyotes 
around here normally run from our dogs who give pursuit.  It turned out the 
coyote had some sort of wound and it must have been suffering.


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